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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

San Diego DUI Attorney

The best DUI attorney, with an unmatched record, in southern California is G. Cole Casey, the premier advocate for drunk driving defense in California. His exclusive focus is on defending and winning DUI and Drunk Driving (DWI) related cases. Attorney Casey is a well known authority on DUI/DWI law, and is a frequent guest speaker and instructor on effective DUI jury trial strategies and defenses. If you have been arrested for DUI in San Diego County and need a strong legal ally who masters the science of disproving breath and blood test results, this is the attorney for you.
DUI defense is such a specialized and unique area of law that it is essential to have an attorney completely knowledgeable in all aspects and nuances of DUI defense, both in and out of trial. Truly effective DUI defense includes proper and potent negotiation with the prosecution; meticulous preparation before all pre-trial motions, as well as a fundamental dedication to serving the client's individual needs and helping them navigate and manage the entire DUI case process.

G. Cole Casey heads the top San Diego drunk driving defense firm, and as a well known San Diego DUI lawyer his proven track record and DUI Jury Case results are unmatched and unprecedented by any other DUI attorney in the region. Call them twenty four hours a day at  (619) 237-0384 to discuss an effective defense strategy for your driving under the influence case. See San Diego DUI Attorney

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